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About our Kits

All Kits are manufactured for 110 mph winds/ 10 lb Snow Load (Exposure B), unless otherwise requested. Please check with your building department regarding what requirements you will need. Patio Kits Direct is not responsible for determining your building department requirements. If a kit was already manufactured/ delivered, Patio Kits Direct will not accept returns for kits that were ordered for the incorrect requirements. We will however, attempt to help you identify how to meet your requirements using your existing material, if possible.

Terms & Conditions


By submitting a Payment you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to know the windspeed and live load specifications required by your city’s Building Department. Patio Kits Direct, a division of Southern California Patios, will customize your KIT accordingly, but it is your responsibility to inform your representative of these requirements.


Patio Kits Direct, a division of Southern California Patios, does not offer refunds or returns for ordered material. The reason being; all material is custom manufactured and made-to-order for each customer. If extenuating circumstances prevail, and are approved by management, any returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee of total amount charged. This requires return to the manufacturer at the expense of the purchaser.


By submitting a Payment you acknowledge that should you order from Patio Kits Direct, a division of Southern California Patios, you are solely responsible for assessing all packages upon delivery, or pick up, for any damage. This includes marking damage on the freight form, and notifying Patio Kits Direct WITHIN 3 DAYS of receipt of KIT. If you are picking up your patio cover, material that is damaged should not leave the yard, and the manufacturer and Patio Kits Direct should be contacted immediately. Damage claimed after the material leaves the manufacturer, for pick ups, will not be eligible for compensation or re-manufacturing, unless extenuating circumstances prevail. Pick-ups must inspect material prior to leaving the manufacturer yard.


(Damage by the Elements)

Our Patio covers are standard manufactured to withstand 110 mph wind gusts and 10 PSF snow load, unless otherwise requested during the quoting process. Damage by the elements or “acts of God” are not liable to Patio Kits Direct or Southern California Patios. Patio Kits Direct, a division of Southern California Patios, is the material supplier, and not responsible for elemental damage. It is the material purchaser’s responsibility to build the kit according to engineering guidelines.  If damage is incurred by the elements, please contact your home insurance policy provider. We will, of course, happily provide any guidance or replacement materials needed at a practical cost.


It is the responsibility of the homeowner and/or the contractor/ builder hired to construct the patio, to ensure that the cover is built according to engineering requirements. Building instructions are a general guideline for standard structure erection. All details for the build can be found in the engineering packet upon request if kit abides by engineering restrictions. Custom orders outside the scope of engineering do not receive a custom building instructions. Neither Patio Kits Direct, nor Southern California Patios, are liable for injury sustained during the build or after the build. Any damage to the homeowner’s property or proximate property is not of liability to Patio Kits Direct or Southern California Patios.

Please utilize our professional “live phone support” to ask any questions during your build to help ensure the structure is erected properly and according to requirements. We are happy to help!

Pick Up Terms

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to load your kit on to your own transportation. We recommend removing the bundles from the pallet and loading each piece individually. This is a great opportunity to inspect your material for damage. Please report any damaged material before leaving the yard. If damaged material leaves the yard, Patio Kits Direct will be unable to file a claim to produce replacement material free of charge.


Due to the savings received by opting for the pick up option, we do not offer compensation for vehicles or trailers rented, time spent transporting, or time spent if multiple trips are required to pick up your material.

Customer is responsible for planning and arranging proper transportation for their pick up.

You are responsible for loading your own kit.

Report any damage before leaving the yard.

Report any shortages before leaving the yard.

We are unable to file a claim if you leave the yard without reporting damaged or shorted material.

If there are any material’s missing from your kit, Patio Kits Direct will arrange for the materials to be reproduced by the manufacture. These replacement materials are required to be picked up at the manufacturer per the terms of the original purchase. Replacement materials will not be shipped to customer without collecting payment for freight.



Delivery Terms

Please note; a freight driver must be able to drive into your neighborhood. If the freight company is unable, or feels unsafe about the delivery, they will hold your material at the transfer station for customer to arrange your own pickup .   

Please DO NOT schedule your build until you have received your KIT and thoroughly inspected it.

Please DO NOT schedule time off work to receive kit until you have confirmed the time of delivery with the freight carrier.

Patio Kits Direct is not liable for compensation for lost time due to late deliveries on the carrier’s side. Although uncommon, freight delays sometimes occur. Freight is not delivered on holidays or weekends.

Returns/ Refunds are not accepted, as each kit is manufactured custom to your order.

What to expect:


Your material will come in individually wrapped cardboard boxes (bundles).Your additional material will come in individually wrapped cardboard boxes. It is not the driver’s responsibility to transport boxes from the delivery location to your build location. The material is easily moved, but it is recommended to have a second person available to transport boxes to your backyard.


You will have a wood crate that comes with your package. You must have tools to open up the crate for removal of your insulated panels i.e. hammer or crowbar. In some cases, crate must be opened within the carrier’s truck, if a liftgate is not available. All homeowners are responsible for the disposal of the wood crate. Your additional material will come in individually wrapped cardboard boxes (bundles). It is not the driver’s responsibility to transport boxes from the delivery location to your build location.The material is easily moved, but it is recommended to have a second person available to transport boxes to your backyard.

How to Receive/ Damage Policy

You must be present to receive and unload your kit .

Please read the following carefully:

Please make sure to inspect all packages for damage on the day of delivery. If you see ANY signs of damage (even if there is a minor scratch on the shipping box, or you suspect ‘concealed’ damage), please do the following:

1) Mark DAMAGED on the delivery form Bill of Lading (BOL), and your personal form

2) Accept the delivery (even if it is a total loss). Do not send anything back with the carrier even if damaged!

3) Notify us of the damage claim within 2 days as well as a list of which parts were damaged, we will replace any and all parts damaged upon shipping at no additional cost, as long as damaged is marked on the BOL form.

4) Please provide 4-10 photos of the damage incurred.

**If damaged is not checked, Patio Kits Direct will not be able to arrange compensation for the damage through the carrier or replace your material. This is the customer’s responsibility, and if damaged is not checked, the customer will be charged for any replacement material and shipping/packaging costs incurred. **

Return Policy

All patio cover orders are custom made at the manufacturer per the customer’s requirements. Because of this, returns are not accepted in most circumstances. If management does approve a return, it is subject to inspection of the material, and the material must be deemed in returnable condition. Material that has been drilled or damaged in any way will not be accepted as a return by the manufacturer. Should a return be approved, a 25% restocking fee will be applied.


In the event that Patio Kits Direct Inc. must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to Patio Kits Direct Inc., you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental costs associated with collecting.



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