Newport Solid Non-Insulated

maximum protection against the elements

Newport Solid Non-Insulated covers provide maximum protection against the elements, are easy to install and durable with very low maintenance.

The NEWPORT Solid Non-Insulated roofing can be insulated and wired for lighting and fans, if desired. Also features a cedar embossed texture and wood grain finish, as well as high quality paint that wont chip or peel!

Cover provides complete coverage and protection from rain, snow etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong, long-lasting, and low in maintenance
  • Customized design to your home
  • Professional engineering for your climate
  • Termite/insect resistant components
  • Weather-resistant paint finish
  • Requires no painting
  • Easy clean out gutter available as an option
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Newport Solid Non-Insulated Galleries

Newport Solid Non-Insulated Kit Contents

Materials Details
Hanger Channel Gasket
Flashing 10 ft.
2x6 Rafter (front & side fascias)
Rafter Hanger Bracket 4
Super 6 Pans .018, .024, .032, .036
3x3 Post
Bottom Post Bracket 1 per 3x3 Post
Top Post Bracket 1 per 3x3 Post
Side Plate 8'8", 10'8", 12'8"
3/8x3.5 Wedge Bolts 2 per bracket
2x6 Mitre Cap, Bevel Cap, Scallop Cap & Corbel Cap
3x8 Mitre Cap 2 per Header
3/8 Bevel Cap, Corbel Cap & Scallop Cap
2x6x1 Rafter Tails (End Caps)
5/8 Plastic Plug
2x3 Down Spout
2x3 Drop Outlet
2x3 Elbow 3
#10x1/2" Sheet Metal Painted Screws
#10x1/2" Sheet Metal Screws (SMS)
1/4"x4" Lag Screws
#14x3/4" Sheet Metal Screws (SMS)
#14x3/4" TEK Painted Screws
10x2" SMS
#8x1/2" TEK Painted Screws
6 oz Touch Up Paint Bottle



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